Chocolate bar box & card

Hello lovely people!

I'm going to show you a chocolate bar box I made yesterday. It was my son's 25th birthday and as recently our presents for him have been sort of hit-and miss, we decided to give him some money so he can buy whatever he wants.

So I started creating a money envelope, but then I had this great idea, to put a bar of chocolate inside as well and the envelope started turning into a box:))

I used chocolate brown and craft card stock and of course my recent favorite "Denim and friends"collection of Maja Design. I really love this collection because it can be so versatile.

And voila, the magic happened, I put together a 3 in 1: card- money envelope - chocolate bar box.

This is a very nice way to turn an ordinary bar of chocolate into something special. Surely will be doing more of these!

Thank you very much for stopping by and wish you a wonderful and full of creativity day!



  1. Проектите за най-близките винаги се получават най-красиви. :) Да е жив и здрав синът ти!

    1. Благодаря, Маги! Мисля, че си права :)